About Corey

Corey is the author of the upcoming, full-length book called The Power of Awareness—A Guide to Inspiration, Success, and Love, which expands on what you'll find in the eBook available here. His message and his experience prove that a person does not need a catastrophe to awaken and then create a life filled with purpose and meaning. Nor will financial success or a relationship alone provide ultimate fulfillment. For him it was a seemingly random experience at a cocktail party answering the infamous "what do you do?" question that was his glimpse. Through what most people would call grace, and what Corey simply calls the Mystery, he was gifted the perspective of being able to see himself, from outside himself. It was as if he was observing Corey instead of being Corey. What he saw was that everything he'd done up until that point was smart, safe, and logical. But it was not inspiring. He decided to change. He spent twelve years reading books, attending various development programs and working with wonderful mentors. He discovered that beyond all the mythology and the self-help programs, there is a simple and powerful access point to the highest experience of life. He calls this Awareness with a capital “A” and it’s the epicenter for Corey’s programs and his message. Learn more here.


Corey hosted The Male Room TV, which was dedicated to open, honest conversations about relationships. He currently hosts Life with Awareness, a live video talk show each week on TradioV.com. All content produced by Corey has a single intention—to stimulate your Awareness. He does this by interviewing thought leaders and hosting panel discussions where the only requirement is honesty. Regularly, you’ll also hear inspiring stories of people breaking through personal barriers and creating the lives of their dreams!