3 Changes Nobody Wants to Talk About - The Power of Awareness

Jan 06, 2018

From my coaching, you will get access to Power. Power to solve your problems, get clarity, and help you transition from where you are to where you want to be. But first you’ll need to deal with reality. Here are 3 examples:

Example 1: “I’m unhappy in my relationship.” The primary reason people are unhappy in relationships is not money or sex problems. It’s because they selected the wrong person. Even with the average age for marriage at historic highs—29 for men and 27 for women versus 26 and 23 in 1990, who really knows how to select a “lifelong” mate that early in life? Even if you’re in the minority that make a good choice, how many people know themselves well enough to navigate the emotional reactions, apologizing, and forgiveness that not only sustains a long-term relationship, but sustains it in a way that cultivates happiness more than tolerance. As unromantic as it sounds you’re probably in the wrong relationship. But…you’re also bogged down with a variety of other thoughts telling you “you should” stay in this relationship for one reason or another.

To be clear, I will not coach you out of your relationship. However I will coach you to discern the difference between your conditioned thoughts (old) and your authentic thoughts (now). I will also coach you through making all transitions with true love at the core of your behavior. This might be rebuilding the relationship you’re already in (probably not but it's possible) or it might be transitioning to something new, that fits your life now as you know yourself more fully.

Example 2: “I want to change my job or career.” Similar to my statistics above, how many people know the most effective way to choose their job or profession so early in life? Most of us do something logical, safe, or follow the good intentions of our guardians. Unfortunately most guidance provided to young people is from the perspective of achieving job security, not career happiness or inspiration! The worst thing parents do is misdirect children by expressing their happiness about a child’s performance or skills. The best thing most parents don't do is say “look how excited you are” when a child displays a natural excitement about something they’ve done or experienced—which is the primary indicator to a person’s source of happiness and inspiration. A parent’s role is not to approve of a child’s behavior A parents role is also not to protect children from every little discomfort and judgment—in fact those are two highly valuable experiences in self-awareness. A parents role is, very simply, to reflect back a child's natural, raw joy, helping the young person to better know themselves.

As a result most of us end up in our 30’s or 40’s, having developed a skill or role that pays our bills but doesn’t inspire us. At some point we do the math and realize, “if I just do this for 15 more years, I can retire.” No strategy is more toxic to your happiness! Reality is that if you spend the next 15 years doing something uninspiring, you won’t have any energy left to build something that fulfills you.

I’m less tolerant in this department of not making changes. If you are “stuck,” we will formulate a plan, based on a discernment process that I'll help you develop, and take steps to move you from uninspiring work to something that you wake up excited each day to build. I also have partnerships with the best entrepreneur and business coaches in the world. You will have access to those resources if relevant.

Example 3: “I don’t feel good physically.” Reality is that if you’re a full-time parent or if you’ve been a full-time employee working 50-60 hours per week, something had to give! It was probably your physical well-being…which by the way…is physiologically linked to your mental and emotional well-being. The average person is sleep deprived, eats poorly, and exercises too little. Forbes and Gallup report that the average American sleeps 6.8 hours now, compared to 9 hours back in 1910 thanks to technology. 

Unfortunately, between the medical industry, the fitness industry, and the self-help industry, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there! A lot of it is either bullshit or it’s laced with fear-based marketing plans designed more to sell products than it is to actually help you. Everybody is different, and it’s possible you may require some medical attention or testing during your transition, however the bulk of your physical well-being comes down to what you put in your body and how you take care of it through exercise and sleep.

In my coaching, we begin with a meditation-based process of tuning into your body to discern what changes need to be made. Most people are not looking for 6-pack abs; most people are looking for more energy and to improve what they see in the mirror as one element in their overall self-image. I will help you identify and connect to your natural guidance system and improve your physical health as a compliment to your complete happiness and satisfaction.


Prior to these examples I said I would coach you to access “Power.” The capital ‘P’ represents spiritual Power. The power that I’m referring to is not a deity in a book. This Power is both in you and beyond you. It is officially nameless so you can call it anything you want. And it is a Power of your own understanding. At first you only need the willingness to believe this Power exists, and later you will come to understand it through your experience. What I can tell you now is: 1) The only thing necessary to engage the Power to invite it into your day 2) It requires you sit quietly long enough to listen to its guidance and 3) It is activated through you taking action.

If this sounds esoteric, let me eliminate any ambiguity—all categories of my coaching are directed by a process of prayer and mediation. However, it is not representative of any church organization, nor is it a new-age breathing technique with limited ability to match results with effort. The process I show you is simple, effective, and walks you through steps that help you create a practice that works for you. What do I mean by “works for you”? I mean that you will see the changes, feel better, and move toward a life that inspires you. Not because you’re doing what you’ve been told you “should do,” but because you’re doing what you know you’re called to do.

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