Be Your Own Hero

Nov 14, 2016

I recently heard someone say, “there aren’t any heroes anymore.” He went on to explain that regardless of where he looked—Hollywood, Politics, Sports Figures, Business Owners or even parents in his community—it was almost impossible to find a hero anymore. It seemed, in his experience, that if he dug deep enough, he’d always find some underlying hypocrisy or selfish motivation.
Hearing this reminded me of something I learned when studying religion and mythology. As human beings, we have the tendency to look outside ourselves for heroes, rather than making our lives heroic. Additionally, my observation is that the core flaw to all guru-lead spiritual practices (including religion), is not the practices themselves, but rather the practitioner’s perspective that they, themselves, don’t have God, Buddha or Christ-Consciousness inside them. In Christian mythology Jesus said “I am,” when asked if he was God. Less talked about is that Jesus was not saying “I am...your God,” but rather demonstrating that each of us possesses this level of consciousness if we choose to access it, follow it, and claim it. Similarly, Buddhist and other practitioners have mistaken “enlightenment” as something that was reserved for the Buddha only.
A hero is similar to a “God” in our normal perspectives. It’s something, or somebody, that we look to as a demonstration of what is good or right in the world. Yet, we’re almost always disappointed when, eventually, we find a story that defaces that hero. That is part of why we cling to stories with iconic figures, whether they be religious or pure fiction. Those characters are considered flawless, which is what we long to be.
Is it possible that your desire to have a hero in your life is really a projection of your desire to be a hero? Is it possible that the quality you’re looking for in that public figure, or teacher, is really something you want to express in your own life?


Chances are that you’ve had glimpses of it, but weren’t sure how to repeat it or harness it.
What it requires is for you to willingly, “set aside” everything you think you know about yourself, your goals, and even your spirituality, and invite a new experience. That new experience, of your thinking and your behavior, are then guided by the mysterious universe, your higher power, your God. Not because you seek to worship It, but rather because you seek to understand It, and have a relationship with It. It expresses itself through you.
That relationship—that Power—when cultivated everyday, even for just a few minutes, will guide you. Not necessarily toward comfort and eternal life, but towards what is meaningful to you. Toward real happiness.
No longer will you need to find a hero. No longer will you long to be perfect. It is more likely that you’ll learn, or become Aware, that you are, in fact, flawless. The only thing that kept you from that before, was a false belief that you weren’t.

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