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3 Changes Nobody Wants to Talk About - The Power of Awareness

Relationships, Career, and our Bodies. Before you can make meaningful change you'll have to admit that you would do it differently today.
Archive From my coaching, you will get access to Power. Power to solve your problems, get clarity, and help you transition from where you are to where you want to be. But first …

What is a Spiritual Life?

Something created us. Even biology and science were created by something. Those are just words or labels humans made up to describe something. Whatever created us, I call The Mystery, or my Higher Power.
Archive All this talk about "spirituality" and a "spiritual life" but what is it really? Regardless of which story you subscribe to about how we got here, something created us.…

"Spirituality" is Better Defined as YOUR Spirituality

To truly discover what spirituality is requires you to give up everything you've been told you should believe and have an intimate experience for yourself.
Like many of you, my family and community were my first introduction to concepts like “God” and “Religion.” Until I was an adult and decided to explore on my own, all I knew is th…