The Set Aside Prayer

Nov 21, 2016

Here is The Set Aside Prayer that you've heard me mention in many of my writings. It is the prayer that initiates your conscious relationship with your Higher Power. Please change any of the words to make this the most meaningful prayer for you: 

Mother, Father, Spirit, nameless Mystery of the universe: please help me set aside everything I think I know about life, love, work, and spirituality, I am inviting a new experience into my life—one that is directed by your power and my highest thoughts. 

This simple statement is an invitation that contains the core elements of Life with Awareness:

1. You are acknowledging there is some Power greater than yourself.

2. You are using your will, which was granted to you as a human being, to make this request for power. 

3. You are taking responsibility for whatever happens, following this request, and opening yourself up to an experience of faith.

Category: Spirit

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