"Spirituality" is Better Defined as YOUR Spirituality

Jul 14, 2015

Like many of you, my family and community were my first introduction to concepts like “God” and “Religion.” Until I was an adult and decided to explore on my own, all I knew is that I didn’t believe what I’d been told. I wanted to because it help me fit in and keep peace in my family, but my reality was that the stories simply didn’t resonate with me. So I went out to discover.

Instead of finding a single, existing belief system that worked for me, I listened to all of them. Then I simply spent more time where I felt inspired. Some of them offered me nothing. Others worked for a period of time. And others remain part of what still works for me today.

My experience was: As long as I didn’t get caught up in the belief that one was more true than another, I was able to have a powerful, spiritual experience for myself.

No program is "more spiritual" than another. The Buddha wasn’t more spiritual than you. Nor is the Pope. Nor will you ever become more spiritual than you are right now. True spirituality is an intimate experience that you discover for yourself—it’s something that is always there and you simply become Aware of it!

The same way no word can produce the experience of what the word represents, it’s impossible to tell you what true spirituality is except to tell you that it’s your spirituality.  On the level of labels and programs it can be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, or a Higher Power of your understanding. It can even be agnosticism or atheism because spirituality is your experience. That includes your reactions to the information you collect, as well as your acceptance or resistance. All that is relevant is that your spirituality is something that you have discovered after setting aside what you’ve been told you should believe, explored, and then used discernment while making a choice for yourself.

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