Without Willingness it’s Impossible to Experience Grace

Jul 07, 2015

Grace is a word that can be laced with associations. My point is that anyone who’s ever been successful knows that mysterious forces often show up to support you when you take the first step. This is why for every millionaire out there with an Ivy League education there is another one that either dropped out or never went to college.  But they were both willing.  

The key is to take one step on your own, and then be willing to let the Mystery (as I like to call it) take a step for you. It won’t always make sense to your logical mind, but it works!

When I was 24 years old, I’d been working for a small start-up for two years and wanted a higher-paying position with a bigger company. I’d made about $22,000 the prior year and set a goal to double my income with a new opportunity.

I took the necessary steps including updating my resume and even buying new suit from one of those discount apparel brokers. I was thrilled when I was offered an interview with a major corporation and then disappointed when they didn’t offer me the job. I knew the compensation package would’ve given me an opportunity to meet my goal. I felt rejected and began to wonder if I’d fail to meet my goal. I even began to question my value, and my skills.

But I continued moving forward.

A week later after sending my resume out daily, I was shocked, and pleased, when a recruiter called me and asked me if I’d interview for a job where the base salary was nearly quadruple what I’d made the previous year. The bonus plan along with it was beyond my comprehension it was so lucrative! The recruiter was candid with me that I was under qualified for this position but encouraged me to take the interview.

I did my best. I was willing.

After three interviews, I received a call. The hiring manager said, “Corey, you’re not qualified for the position we were hiring for, but we’re so excited about your potential, that we’re creating a junior position for you, and you can work up to the original position if you perform.”

Prior to this experience, I would not have been able to imagine this scenario happening. I learned through experience that when I was willing, forces completely out of my control seem to align in support of my true desires.

It’s worth noting that not only did I accomplish my goal of doubling my income, after just a few months of performing in this junior position, my Vice President came into my cubicle and literally apologized for hiring me at the junior level. Then he promoted me, retroactively paid me for the previous months at my newly promoted level, and even gave me an office with a view!

The power of Awareness (with a capital ‘A’ as I use the word) includes a knowing that we have responsibility for our lives including setting goals and taking steps towards them. It also includes trusting in the Mystery to support us even though we can’t always understand or control it.

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