ebook_love.png Love with Awareness — A Guide to Relationships & Intimacy: The only consistency in all of your relationships is you! Therefore, to have the most valuable and healthy relationships possible you must look at them from the inside first.   For example, what are you offering to the relationship? And, what are you truly seeking in a partner? It’s a myth that everybody out there in the dating world actually wants to be in a long-term, monogamous relationship. When we learn to express ourselves genuinely, it becomes far easier to find our best match. This book shows you how.
ebook_success.png Success & Money with Awareness — A Guide to Loving What You do: Creating monetary wealth is simple. There are dozens of proven models that if followed, would earn you millions of dollars during your lifetime. Thousands of people do this already, yet they remain unhappy in their lives. Why? Because they don’t love what they do or why they do it. This book helps break down old paradigms of looking at money as some kind of magic potion to happiness and instead offers you strategies to merge the experience of loving what you do with making more than enough money.