Individual Awareness Consulting: Based in the 5 Keys to a Life with Awareness, this customized program is designed for anybody that desires to do a thorough self-audit and set a clear foundation for future goals, whether they be personal or professional. For more information, send an email to Info(at)

Partnership Consulting: This is individual consulting for those who are looking to improve their relationships. Please note this is not consulting for both people in a relationship. This program focuses you on you, as you are the only element in a relationship you truly have power over. For more information, send an email to Info(at)

Success Consulting: Whether you desire to earn millions of dollars or you’re looking to change careers to something that inspires you more, this program helps you with goal clarification and execution. For more information, send an email to Info(at)

Communication Program: Effective communication starts with honest communication. However, this is surprisingly difficult for most people. This program is an advanced tool set designed for anyone already working with Corey in any of the other consulting formats. It will help you deepen your relationships or improve your professional environment by learning to express yourself in a new way.


I’m a consultant and author who focuses on The Power of Awareness as the key to success in your work-life and love-life. Enter your email above to get your free eBook or view available services if you’d like help with your mission right now.


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